• Ultima 31 Series


    • True double conversion pure sine wave output.
    • DSP technology guarantees high performance
    • Wide input voltage range (110V - 300Vac).
    • Active power factor correction in all phases.
    • Built-in phase auto adapt function simplifies wire installation.
    • 50Hz / 60Hz frequency converter mode.
    • ECO mode operation for energy saving.
    • Programmable power management outlets.
    • Emergency power off function (EPO).
    • Generator compatible.
    • SNMP + USB + RS-232 multiple communications.
    • AC input/output phase can be setting to 1/1 by factory.
    • Optional isolation transformer available.
    • Pure sine wave output.
    • Optional N+X parallel.
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  • Ultima 33 Series

    Ultima 33Features

    • True double-conversion technology
      True double conversion UPS provides clean, high quality power, ideal for sensitive applications. When the utility is lost accidentally, the UPS system will use the power from battery to output without interruption.
    • DSP control guarantees high performance
      DSP control technology greatly reduces harmonic distortion in non-linear loads without manual intervention for advanced maintenance.
    • Active power factor correction in all phases
      By cancelling input current harmonics, the harmful effects of harmonic injection into the power network is eliminated. Lower power losses would result in reduced consumption and lower operation and maintenance costs.
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  • Ultima Plus Series

    Ultima PlusFeatures

    • Online Double conversion technology.
    • DSP technology guarantees high performance.
    • Pure sine wave output.
    • 1.0 output power factor.
    • High efficiency up to 94%.
    • 3-Stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance
    • Generator compatible.
    • Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC).
    • 0.99 active input power factor correction.
    • 50/60 Hz frequency converter mode.
    • Emergency power off function (EPO).
    • Build-in maintenance bypass switch.
    • Optional N + X parallel redundancy.
    • Optional OVCD ( over voltage cut-off device) protection.


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